Blog / Holy Family Catholic School – Light System Installation

2011-04-06 15:32:53

Holy Family Catholic School – Light System Installation

Holy Family Catholic School are a small primary school in Slough.

Requirement:- For a new lighting system to be used by both staff and pupils for school productions drama rehersals and assemblies. The system needed to be permenntly installed, easy to use and conform to strict health & safety requirements.

Proposal: LSL visited Holy family to provide an on site consultation as well as a secondary visit to conduct a structural  and electrical survey. LSL provided a fully documented proposal outlining the key features of the proposed system and options that were available.

Implementation:- LSL liaised with the school to undertake the installation during half-term so class time wasn’t disturbed. LSL quickly and professionally installed metalwork and fixing equipment to support the pre-wired bars ensuring maximum safety considerations at all times. Cabling, control equipment and lights were soon up and tested thoroughly.

Post Sales:- After the installation LSL returned to the school to undergo a training session with staff to ensure the lighting was used effectively and safely.