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2010-01-13 13:47:34

Partnering for Success

The sound and light business is essentially a mid sized industry facilitated by a huge number of small to medium enterprises (SME’s). The lack of dominant, truly multi national or significant national, players represents a great opportunity for the SME’s to build highly valuable brand and business levels The major inhibitions to expansion tend to be ambition, creativity, investment and risk. The vast majority of us are constrained by lack of funding and have a low appetite for risk. Here at LSL we believe that ambition and creativity can be harnessed to mitigate the funding and risk challenges and enable a platform for real growth.

One method of achieving evolutionary growth is to establish mutually beneficial collaborations/partnerships where key attributes of complementary businesses can be leveraged to enable improved customer propositions that appeal to a much broader customer base. We at LSL are investigating potential partnerships where we believe both the customers and the businesses can benefit from the collaboration.

We are currently talking to a few like minded businesses and are keen to widen the net. If you are interested in informal discussions please contact us !