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2010-02-20 15:25:16

Portable Power

The small yet powerful Honda EU20i generator is highly efficient and ideal to run any electrical applicance. We now offer it as part of our hire portfolio.

* Inverter technology delivers super stable clean power with a pure sine wave form – essential for powering sensitive electronics and computers.
* Superb efficiency with EcoThrottle, only running as fast as the load demands, improving fuel consumption and extending engine life.
* Super quiet operation with noise reducing casing and acoustic panelling.
* Stylish and ergonomic design. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, transport and store.
* Parallel operation – Optional cable allows two of the same units to be linked together to provide 3600W.
* DC Output up to 12V-8.3A to charge batteries (optional cable required).
* Dual sockets to power or recharge two products simultaneously.

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* Max output 2000W.
* Rated output 1600W.
* Noise level @ 7m 52dB(a).
* Run time at variable load 4 to 10 hours.
* Weight 21 kg.
* Dimensions: L: 510, W: 290, H: 425