Blog / Radio microphone frequency changes 2012

2011-07-13 15:40:28

Radio microphone frequency changes 2012

You may have heard that there are some changes to radio microphone frequencies in the UK, below is information we have on the implications of the changes. The government and Ofcom decided to sell off the 800mhz band of radio frequencies which includes channel 60 through to 69 ultimately to make way for the new mobile phone technologies. Channel 69 is the current radio frequency channel allocated to PMSE (program making and special events).

The majority of radio microphones that use the 800mhz band also have access to channel 70 (863 – 865mhz) which contains 4 license exempt slots, so you may not need a license to use your radio mic, if you haven’t got a license then you must make sure you are using frequencies 863 – 865mhz.

If you do have a license and use channel 69 then you should have received communication from Ofcom outlining the plans. Channel 69 license holders have been allocated the use of Channel 38 (606mhz – 614mhz) as a replacement. The issue is that equipment using the 800mhz band (including channel 69) cannot tune to the 600mhz band, and consequently new equipment is necessary. Ofcom were offering funding to cover some of the cost of new equipment through the PMSE scheme, although there was a narrow window to submit you claim.

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