Blog / Slough & Eton School Installation

2013-09-17 09:51:13

Slough & Eton School Installation

Slough & Eton school have recently opened a new 6th Form Centre to bolster their existing facilities. As part of the new build Langley Sound & Light were commissioned to install a new multipurpose sound, light and video system into their new 6th Form Theatre.

The Lighting System features top quality Milos truss that were then pre-wired by Andolite UK, providing a strong and stable light bar arrangement. LSL supplied a variety of lighting fixtures from fresnells and profile spots from CCT, as well as moving heads and LED parcans from Showtec. This variety of lighting will allow the school to cater to a variety of production types from stage performances to dance classes.

The new Sound System features 6 JBL Professional speakers flown from the centre of the room with Electrovoice CPS amplifiers and control system.

Other equipment making up the system includes a Soundcraft Mixing desk, Sennheiser Evolution Radio Microphones and an Ultra bright Panasonic Wide Screen Projector.