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2011-01-18 18:15:50

EV – New Speaker range – Live-X

The Live X speaker range from Electrovoice are their new, improved powered, and passive speaker series.

Each speaker contains high quality Electrovoice engineered components, which are inside a lightweight, yet strong, durable plywood cabinet, made for durability.

The passive/active speakers can be used for many events or venues. Ideal for:

  • Live Performances
  • Corporate Sound
  • DJ Events
  • Music and Theater

The Live X Series’ rugged solid wood construction, and stylish design, gives the speakers that extra professional look, as well as top-quality sound!

The Live X family features four passive configurations, including a formidable dual-15-inch system. These systems may be used with a wide range of amplifiers:

  • ELX112 – 12-inch two-way
  • ELX115 – 15-inch two-way
  • ELX215 – Dual-15-inch two-way
  • ELX118 – 18-inch subwoofer

The Live X Powered Speaker range includes 3 high Quality speakers two full-range loudspeakers and a matching subwoofer. Each self-contained powered system features Electrovoice engineered components optimized for use with its integrated high-efficiency 1kW and 700W class-D amplifiers.

Both full-range speaker may be pole-mounted or stacked with the matching powered subwoofer.

  • ELX112P – 12-inch two-way (1kW amplifier module)
  • ELX115P – 15-inch two-way (1kW amplifier module)
  • ELX118P – 18-inch subwoofer (700W amplifier module



Electro Voice Live X Speaker Series