Premium Accounts

Premium Accounts

Langley Sound & Light recognise big spenders need big discounts…

If you run a club, a roadshow or are in charge of a Band’s PA you will need to have your equipment ready to go 24/7. You’ll need to have backup available 7 days a week, and expert advise on hand to guide and advice you.

At Langley we have a special deal for our select customers. Premium Account holders receive:-

  • 30% discount on consumable products like cable, connectors and gaffa tape.
  • Preferential & trade pricing on select manufactures
  • Discount on multiple day hires
  • Priority workshop scheduling
  • Credit account & financing options

Premium accounts aren’t available to just anyone, in order to obtain ‘Premium’ status, first you need to build up a trading history with us so we know who we’re dealing with, then maintain a minimum annual spend, and that’s it! You’re in the club!