Blog / iMax2010 – DJ Rags

2010-09-01 13:43:04

iMax2010 – DJ Rags

LSLs exciting new product the iMax2010 split HD video mixing was successfully launched in the field for the first time by Calibar Roadshow’s DJ RAGS.

At the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham, DJ Rags and his team set-up the video system using 3 Hitachi Projectors along with 3 fast fold screens, all setup behind the main DJ booth.

“The screens looked really great, and we got positive comments from everyone”.

The iMax2010 system enabled DJ Rags to playback music videos overlaid with a variety of effects and graphics to match with the song and the mood and feel of the crowd. The live video input enabled camera feeds directly into the system and split across the three screens to give an awesome panoramic image of the crowd.

“The camera man was really impressed”.

Overall the system added a new dimension to the set-up and offered an impressive visual display which could be clearly seen by the crowd all the way to the back of the hall. The evolving but mature dsiplay technology used (unlike for instance LED equivalents) ensures continued return on investment and support for many years to come. The influx of High Definition into the consumer market place, means that this new industry standard is available in a easy to use and high impact setup.

“It made a big impact to the show and everyone was looking up at the screens” – DJ Rags