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2012-08-10 16:17:25

LSL DJ Booths

At LSL we pride ourselves on developing and creating bespoke projects to meet our customers needs. One such requirement has been for a cost effective DJ booth, which is easy to setup and that can be personalized for each client. Our DJ booths are built to accomodate two 42″ plasma TVs to quickly attached onto the metal framework. A top and bottom panel, which can be fully customized, is then back-lit using colour changing LEDs. Moving heads can then be sat upon the side pieces to create a fully integrated show with beams, colour changing light and visual effects. By incorporating the screens into the framework, our clients have the ability to display their company logo throughout the event or make their event even more striking by using VJ software.

If you are interested in this product, please inquire by calling 01753 543389.