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Multiphase 4 Channel Dimmer

This dimming controller is capable of 3000w spread over its 4 channels, which can be individually dimmed using faders or flashed on/off with the flash buttons. The unit also has a built in chase sequencer which can be altered to react to the beat of the sound from a speaker.
Hire Cost: £20.00

Zero4000 4 Channel Dimmer

Features: 4 Channel Programmable Satellite Dimmer System Channel Address Switch Dual SCR Circuit Design Two Outputs per Channel NSI Micro-Plex Input and Through Ports Power On LED Indicator Control Signal Status Indicator LEDs Toroidal filtering reduces audio interference and extends lamp life
Hire Cost: £20.00

Scanmaster 192ch DMX Controller

The Scanmaster 1 gives the user fast access to his DMX control LED fixtures. The layout is designed so that any fixture up to 8 channels can be controlled easily. The Scanmaster 1 can control up to 96 DMX channels, 16 scenes and a different number of chases, which can run automatically or music-controlled by built-in microphone. 12...
Hire Cost: £20.00

Domation DLC-9 Touch-screen Lighting Controller

The Domation DLC-9 Lighting controller is the advance in lighting control technology.  Its innovative touch-screen ability and simple functions will make an easy job of creating ambience at your venue. This controller is included in our lightning packages consisting of 1w LED Bar's and/or 3w Tricolour Par64's.
Hire Cost: £20.00

8 Output DMX Splitter

The Showtec DB 1-4 is an 8-output splitter designed to distribute incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into multiple separate outputs. It has clear LEDs to show the DMX signal status of each output and input. The unit has 4x 3 pin outputs and 4x 5 pin outputs with electrical isolation between input and output.
Hire Cost: £10.00