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Par56 300w Lamp

Uses a PAR 56 300 watt sealed beam lamp to deliver light very efficiently to the target. This Wash light is good for lighting any stage, theatre or bands. Colour gels can be used with this light.
Hire Cost: £8.00

Fresnell 600w Spot

600w Fresnell spot light with IEC plug. Can be mounted with a G clamp on onto a T bar. Usually used for stage or productions to light a subject or area. The unit creates a soft spot onto a subject.
Hire Cost: £10.00

Profile Spot 850w Lamp

This 850w lantern produces an adjustable defined spot of light onto its subject, often used in stage productions. Unit has focus and zoom adjustments.
Hire Cost: £25.00

Follow Spot 1200w HMI

This unit produces a very bright and defined beam of light, which can be projected from the back of a venue onto the stage. Comes with the ballast (large power supply), stand and dichroic gel selection. The unit will need to be operated by someone, so that the beam can follow its subject.
Hire Cost: £50.00

NJD Quartet

Contains 4 x 300w lamps which can individually be controlled by a seperate dimming controller. Each lamp has a different dichroic filter, giving the user four colours to choose from.
Hire Cost: £20.00

RGB 3x500w DMX Light

Red green and blue colour wash light, can be used stand alone, with built in sound-to-light function, or with the use of a dmx controller.
Hire Cost: £20.00