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The Sennheiser Evolution 300 Series Radio Microphones are one of the top quality industry standards. The units are robust and rugged to help them perform in all environments. They offer exceptional audio quality and reliability.

This system comes with a lapel microphone, beltpack transmitter, Receiver Unit, and power supply. We will also provide you with a XLR or Jack Lead, depending on the input of your mixer. The Receiver output signal is Mic Level so it will need to be plugged into a Mic input.

These systems use the new channel 38 frequency range and therefore comply with latest legislation. This channel has many channels available, this means you can use several systems at the same time. LSL provide the appropriate wireless license to our customers when they hire from us.

The Transmitter uses AA batteries, these are sold seperately and available from us in packs of 4 or 10.