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16 Channel Multicore

16 XLR channel multicore.  Ideal for covering a long distances between mixing desks and inputs neatly.   
Hire Cost: £20.00

DI Box

A DI Box enables the audio signals from a source to be transfomed to the correct level to match the input. It converts unbalanced sources into balanced signals to enable mixer inputs to be driven via long cables. Speaker level signals can be attenuated down to line or Mic level. The ground lift can help remove/reduce buzz and hums from a system...
Hire Cost: £5.00

Stereo Headphones

Suitable for DJs or monitoring sound on a PA system. 6.3mm Jack plug.
Hire Cost: £5.00

XTA Speaker Management Controller

A Twin Rack offering DSP Control of a total of 12 individual amp channels. It can be used with a software interface from a laptop or manual control via front panel. Click here for full details
Hire Cost: £40.00

RM3 Single-track Digital Recorder

Solid state MP3/WAV stereo recorder. Can be used to record a live performance or ceremony onto USB or SD memory card. Records, MP3 in 128/256/320kbps and WAV files Microphone/Line input Headphone monitoring Ideal for recording a DJ set or Band set Storage device inputs: USB Flash Drive or SD Card Note you will...
Hire Cost: £20.00