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15" Full range 300w Speakers (Pair)

Our most popular full range speaker. Our modified JBL JRX115 cabinet houses an Electrovoice LF driver and DH1 Horn to provide excellent power handling & rugged performance as well as excellent audio quality. The speakers provide good bass energy and are ideal for house & hall parties! Speakers have Jack and Speakon connector...
Hire Cost: £30.00

EV ZX1 8" Vocal Speakers (Pair)

The EV ZX1 is a high-performance, compact & discreet loudspeaker with a lightweight, durable, high-tech enclosure. Ideal for vocal use and conferences.
Hire Cost: £30.00

EV SX300 12" Mid/Hi Speakers (Pair)

The EV SX300 is a very well known and loved speaker, thanks to its efficient power handling and flexible range of applications. The speaker totals 300w of RMS power and is ideal for use as a mid/hi box on a large sound system or full range as vocal and low bass applications. When you hire these speakers from us we will provide you with a...
Hire Cost: £40.00

EV ZX5 15" 500w Speakers (500w) (Pair)

The Electrovoice ZX5 is a relatively modern speaker which utilizes efficient components and neodynium to keep the speaker at a manageable weight. Offering 500 watts of RMS power the ZX5 can be comfortably used in a variety of applications as a full range speaker or as a mid/hi box for larger sound systems. The unit is a plastic moulded cabinet...
Hire Cost: £50.00

EV GSS 15" Bass Bins (Pair)

The GSS15" Bass bin is LSLs own adaptation of the original Electrovoice GSS cabinet. The speaker offers a compact solution when you need a little extra Bass boost. These units are loaded with Electrovoice EVX150 15” bass drivers. They will ideally need an active crossover to get them sounding sweet. These units are used in our 1kw...
Hire Cost: £40.00

EV T18 18" 1000w Bass Bins (Pair)

The Langley T18 is our own manufactured half horn reverse loaded bins, based on the original Electrovoice T18 cabinet. A rich full bass sound these cabinets are extremely efficient being fitted with Electro Voice EVX180 drivers. They need an active cross-over and strong amplifier. The units feaure in our 1.5Kw system and have set the...
Hire Cost: £50.00

12" Full range 200w Speakers (Pair)

Our own custom made Fane loaded full range carpet covered PA speaker, suitable for speech , vocals & small parties/venues. Deceptively powerful. Trapezoidal shaped, uses 2x speakon Connectors Approx 750 x 400 x 350mm When you hire these speakers from us we will provide you with a set of speaker leads to connect to your...
Hire Cost: £30.00